Help understanding error compiling Rust to WASM in NixOS

I’m working on a Rust library and I tried adding the following flake.nix file so I can get a development shell with all needed dependencies:

  inputs.nixpkgs.url = "github:NixOS/nixpkgs/nixos-unstable";
  inputs.flake-utils.url = "github:numtide/flake-utils";

  outputs = { self, nixpkgs, flake-utils }:
    flake-utils.lib.eachSystem [ "x86_64-linux" ] (system:
      pkgs = import nixpkgs { inherit system; };
        devShells.default = pkgs.mkShell {
          nativeBuildInputs = with pkgs; [

When I try to compile to WASM by running cargo build --target wasm32-unknown-unknown --release, I get an error but I have no idea what it is saying.

   Compiling shared v0.1.0 (/home/user/src/lib)
error: linking with `rust-lld` failed: exit status: 1
  = note: LC_ALL="C" PATH="  <I omitted this due to the character limit on discourse>
  = note: rust-lld: error: unknown file type: /home/user/src/lib/target/wasm32-unknown-unknown/release/deps/libsecp256k1_sys-73da753343bc1281.rlib(lax_der_parsing.o)

error: could not compile `shared` due to previous error

Could someone please help me understand what this error means?
I am new to Rust so it could just be something simple I’m getting wrong.

I have also put a reproducible copy on GitHub: GitHub - emccorson/shared
I had to omit part of the error message due to the character limits on Discourse, but the full message is in the GitHub README.


The build failed because the linker, lld, failed. The reason is likely in the rest of the log above.

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If you run file on the troublesome file, it may tell you it’s the wrong architecture. You can potentially try CC=clang cargo build (your args...) after adding clang to the shell. May also want to try CC=emcc if I recall correctly.

I was reminded of the gcc related issues I’ve had with trying to build wasm in the past by reading rust-lld: error: unknown file type: secp256k1.o · Issue #14 · bytecodealliance/wasi · GitHub

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Setting CC=clang worked! Thank you both for the help.

In my case, I ended up using pkgs.mkShell.override { stdenv = pkgs.clangStdenv; } which sets CC for me.

For me, targeting wasm32-unknown-unknown with pkgs.rustc-wasm32 only worked after adding llvmPackages.bintools (per the docs) and specifying RUSTFLAGS=“-C linker=lld”

EDIT: setting RUSTFLAGS was a footgun as it can override other RUSTFLAGS set for instance in .cargo/config.toml. Best to declare a linker specifically for a given target.


Hope it helps someone else.

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