Help: using flakes in combination with JetBrains IDEs

Hi everyone

I want to use Goland, a JetBrains product running on the JVM, and I want it to be aware of the nix configuration for the project directory. I have some development dependencies (Go and GTK in my case) defined in a flake that I want Goland to know about so that it can correctly function and build the application.

In programs like Emacs, Neovim, and VSCodium I would simply use direnv to load the configuration, which works flawlessly. However, after some research it appears that the JVM simply does not handle this well if at all.

How would I use nix flakes in my development workflow when working with JetBrains products, short of launching the program through the terminal after direnv has modified my environment?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried using direnv integration plugins like this one:

I tried it a while ago where it wasn’t working, but now it is…
Thanks for suggesting it again, though!