Help Wanted: Updating links to point to the new NixOS wiki

As you can see from the pull requests linked to our NixOS wiki foundation issue,
we have been working on improving our search ranking by increasing the backlinks in third-party documentation to point our new NixOS wiki: Official NixOS Wiki · Issue #113 · NixOS/foundation · GitHub

So far our pull requests have been well received, but it is quite time consuming.
Therefore if you got some time on our hands or even can write some automation
to do so, you are welcome.

This is the standard text we have been using so far:

This commit updates the the link from the former, unofficial nixos wiki page to the new

ref: NixOS/foundation#113

A bit harder than opensource projects is replacing links in blogs and articles.
Also here it helps to reach out to the person in question. Here an example: makefu: " Hi! I've seen y…" -

To find links on the internet, you can use one of the many online services that give you backlinks to a certain domain. Also the github code search works quite well.

Happy hacking!