Hevc and av1 playback

Still new to Linux and nix, having come from macOS a month or so ago.
I’ve got a bunch of H265 videos that need to play in a browser and I typically use Chrome.
Now I thought my iGPU or RX570 was incorrectly configured until I just tested an AV1 video which plays buttery smooth so it looks like HEVC video playback is borled in some way.

Is there some process to get these H265 videos to playback properly? I saw there’s a x265 package in the repo but unsure whether that’s the answer.

Any help would be fantastic

Hey! Interesting topic, since I have newly emerging problems with hardware acceleration in Chrome myself right now. Is there any way I could reproduce this on my end? Like a video file that is available to both of us I could try and watch? And then maybe get some stats on it?

What desktop environment are you on? Wayland or X11?

you could use ffmpeg and transcode some video to hevc and av1 and play in a browser as a test, I would assume.
I’m using Swayvm with Wayland.
I’d have assumed this would be a more common problem with Linux-based OSs

How is playback using something other than chrome? Vlc, mpv or what have you?

My original question is quoted as using Chrome

Yes, hence me asking if you’ve tried something other than chrome to play the videos in question.

If you have the same issues with the same files in other players, then it might be a system level issue or issues with the files.

If you don’t have issues with the same files in other players, then it might be something chrome related.

ahh ok, now I understand your reply.

The files do play smooth when using MPV, yes.
Chrome is the issue with HEVC/H265 files

any more suggestions on this. this must be more of a problem than just me. I’ve tried the nix documentation as well as tons of searching so can’t understand why Chrome is unable to play 265/hevc in the browser, without so much lag