Hiring Rust/Typescript Software Engineers for construction robotics startup in Amsterdam

At Monumental we’re automating construction using robots, starting with masonry. Our tech stack includes Rust for our ‘backend’ service on the robots that receives commands from our Typescript frontend. We use WASM to share code between the frontend and backend.

All of our robot systems run NixOS and I really need a colleague that also knows Nix because right now it’s just me maintaining everything :grin:. We are currently only looking for software engineers that can also work in Rust/Typescript, we don’t have any pure Nix roles.

Please check out our jobs page: Job openings at Monumental to see if there’s anything that piques your interest and make sure to mention that you found the listing through this post!


Is remote work an option or is it strictly on-site? The job listing specifies on-site work, but I thought it’s worth confirming

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My husband is looking for work and works in mining and construction, he’s a nix expert and knows rust /typescript. Can you tell me the salary range for this and do they help with relocation? Also, can it be worked remotely

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Yes, this job is on-site only (as you have to work with robots)

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coolest reason i have ever heard on why someone should show up at the office! :smile: