HM - Neovim highlighting broken with ceratin filetypes

Encountered a strange issue yesterday with neovim where opening up zig files specifically spits out the following error, all other suffixes and unsuffixed files work normally:

Error detected while processing BufReadPost Autocommands for "*":                                                                                                        
Error executing lua callback: ...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetype.lua:24: Error executing lua: ...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetyp
e.lua:25: BufReadPost Autocommands for "*"..FileType Autocommands for "*"..function <SNR>1_LoadFTPlugin[19]..script /nix/store/7kxaldfcymzjm2sw5si74gzb1nhbynz2-neovim-un
wrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/ftplugin/zig.vim, line 45: Vim(let):E474: Unidentified byte: ^[[?25l^[[?7l^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m          ▗▄▄▄       ^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m▗▄▄▄▄    
^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m          ▜███▙       ^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m▜███▙  ▟███▛                                                                                                       
^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m           ▜███▙       ^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m▜███▙▟███▛                                                                                                        
^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m            ▜███▙       ^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m▜██████▛                                                                                                         
^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m     ▟█████████████████▙ ^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m▜████▛     ^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m▟▙                                                                                   
^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m    ▟███████████████████▙ ^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m▜███▙    ^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m▟██▙                                                                                  
^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m           ▄▄▄▄▖           ▜███▙  ^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m▟███▛                                                                                                  
^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m          ▟███▛             ▜██▛ ^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m▟███▛                                                                                                   
^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m         ▟███▛               ▜▛ ^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m▟███▛                                                                                                    
^[[0m^[[36m^[[1m▟███████████▛                  ^[[0m^[[34m^[[1m▟<e2>                                                                                                     
stack traceback:                                                                                                                                                         
        [C]: in function 'nvim_cmd'                                                                                                                                      
        ...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetype.lua:25: in function <...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetype.lua:24>                     
        [C]: in function 'nvim_buf_call'                                                                                                                                 
        ...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetype.lua:24: in function <...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetype.lua:10>                     
stack traceback:                                                                                                                                                         
        [C]: in function 'nvim_buf_call'                                                                                                                                 
        ...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetype.lua:24: in function <...2-neovim-unwrapped-0.9.4/share/nvim/runtime/filetype.lua:10>

The wierd characters in the output is the neofetch output which i have set to run when starting the fish shell, same issue in bash though. This started occurring seemingly randomly however I probably did something wrong to cause it. I use a neovim setup with home-manager, treesitter and coc.nvim. apparently treesitter causes an error like this sometimes but after uninstalling treesitter the same isssue persists. Everything inside neovim works as expected except the highlighting, also cpu usage spikes when scrolling through the document
I use neovim version 0.9.4, thank you in advance.

For anyone having the same issue, you can most likely solv this by removing any shell hooks from your user shell while it’s not in interactive mode.