HM osConfig with standalone HM on Nixos

When using Home-Manager standalone on Nixos is it possible to access the config options the system was built with with osConfig?

I am configuring my systems with a flake and have several users and systems (some headless with no GUI) and need my Home-Manager to determine if the current system gas a GUI or not so it knows whether or not to install GUI apps to the user profile. I have a custom option on my system install (config.tekslice.system.hasGUI) I can check if it is somehow accessable.

Alternatively if it is possible to read settings from files on the system disk I can write that to disk on the system install and read it with home-manager.

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To answer my own question:
osConfig is only accessible it seems when HM is not in standalone mode. Any other methods to get system config info involves pulling the entire system config into HM and this isn’t practical for me so I defaulted to a CLI only install with GUI app only being pulled in if I set a user/host specific flag. Not optimal, but doable.