Home Assistant install

So I’m moving one of my last machines to Nixos - a NUC hosting HomeAssistant. I looked at the Wiki (Home Assistant - NixOS Wiki).

The OCI container return error -125 and the Nixos module approach seems to be missing “backup” so I can’t upload my saved config.

Before I worry about debugging (and not a clue how), is the Wiki up to date? Should I be trying elsewhere for guides before tearing my hair out?

Dive into the matrix… you may get better help there.

There is a #homeautomation:nixos.org Matrix room. I don’t know how lively it is, but they might be able to help.

You can try configuring services.home-assistant.extraComponents = [ "backup" ] to include the packages required to support that component.

I’ve never used the backup/restore functionality, so I can’t say whether it works, when you’re relying on the declarative module approach.