Home-manager doesn't use extra-substituters

I use standalone home-manager installation on non-NixOS Linux system.

In my /etc/nix/nix.conf I have extra-substituters lines:

extra-substituters = http://mother.localdomain:5000
extra-trusted-public-keys = mother.localdomain-1:ajgf0rx1kZIIDnOKQm8aU0iwhWLybd9vJ9/E5dFo1GA= 

So, when I start home-manager switch, it even doesn’t try to check this extra-substituters.

The only way to force it to use it is to supply options in command line, like this:

$ home-manager switch  --option substituters http://mother.localdomain:5000 \
   --option trusted-public-keys mother.localdomain-1:ajgf0rx1kZIIDnOKQm8aU0iwhWLybd9vJ9/E5dFo1GA= 

But it’s not convenient. Maybe there is an elegant solution?

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I think you should prepend it to the substituters list instead of extra-substituters.
I remember reading somewhere that those in extra-substituters are indeed used only when specified with --option on command line.