Home Manager IRC move to OFTC


I just want to inform that a little while ago I shut down the #home-manager channel on freenode, as well as its bridged Matrix room. Instead, please join #home-manager on the OFTC network or its bridged Matrix room #hm:rycee.net.

I’m sorry about the lack of prior communication and the not exactly smooth migration. We were actually planning to wait until the resolution of RFC 94 before moving but the spam situation was quickly getting out of hand.


Thank you @rycee. I suggest adding Home Manager’s room to the NixOS Matrix Space.

That would be great, but maybe it’s expected that all the rooms in a space are moderated by the same people.

From what I can tell the HM room is already in the NixOS space hierarchy.


Ah there are subspaces now. It’s in the “community” one.