'home-manager' is not in your PATH

I’d be very grateful for some help.

I’m on a new installation of nixos. I followed the directions in the official setup page for a nixos-module installation. I can’t access home-manager, even though everything is exactly as described in the setup.

I got so frustrated with this that I even did a second clean install of nixos and got the same exact behavior. The program 'home manager' is not in your PATH. You can make it available in an ephemeral shell by typing: nix-shell -p home-manager when I try to run home-manager

systemctl says that it started when I run status. everything seems normal. I can access the man-pages. hm!

If you install home-manager with the NixOS module, you manage it with the NixOS module (and nixos-rebuild), not the standalone home-manager binary. As such it is not installed.

You can enable an option to get man pages for the configuration without the CLi though: Appendix A. Home Manager Configuration Options

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omgoodness. thank you so much! I don’t know how I missed that. Standalone it is!