[home-manager] make fish plugins actually load

Hi everyone!

I’m confused about the state of fish plugin support in home-manager and nixos in general. I’m quite new to nixos so I might misunderstand some concepts. Especially provided I’ve seen other people’s configs and they don’t seem to have such issues at all.

The issue is as follows: plugins are installed properly but they aren’t loaded. What I’ve done is actually loading them by hand one by one. Here’s the part of my nixos config responsible for the fish shell.

{ config, lib, pkgs, utils, ... }:

  user = config.home-manager.users.heinwol;
  programs.fish = {
    enable = true;
# as one can see vendor stuff is indeed enabled, though nothing loads
    vendor = {
      completions.enable = true;
      config.enable = true;
      functions.enable = true;

    home-manager.users.heinwol = {
      programs.fish = let
        source_plugin = (plugin_name: plugin_src:
            source_dir = dir_name:
                if test -d ${plugin_src}/share/fish/${dir_name}
                    for file in ${plugin_src}/share/fish/${dir_name}/*.fish
                        source $file
            source ${user.xdg.configHome}/fish/conf.d/plugin-${plugin_name}.fish
            ${source_dir "vendor_functions.d"}
            ${source_dir "vendor_completions.d"}
            ${source_dir "vendor_conf.d"}
            ${source_dir "vendor_themes.d"}
        plugins.theme-kawasaki = pkgs.fetchFromGitHub {
          owner = "hastinbe";
          repo = "theme-kawasaki";
          rev = "master";
          hash = "sha256-BdV4FtHBDBdERb9t2xQ9gQ0MiymE1ls8WNGBToZtqnE=";
        plugins.plugin-jump = pkgs.fetchFromGitHub {
          owner = "oh-my-fish";
          repo = "plugin-jump";
          rev = "master";
          hash = "sha256-MVIXBKsfd7rrH7Dh7cksNI29YunqAGZvuZwdfrf1bZQ=";
        plugins.fzf-fish = pkgs.fishPlugins.fzf-fish;
        plugins.autopair = pkgs.fishPlugins.autopair;
        plugins.colored-man-pages = pkgs.fishPlugins.colored-man-pages;
      in {
          enable = true;
          plugins = lib.mapAttrsToList
            (name: value: {name = name; src = value;})
          interactiveShellInit = lib.strings.concatStrings (lib.strings.intersperse "\n" (lib.flatten [
            (builtins.readFile ../config/fish/config.fish)
          shellInit = lib.strings.concatStrings (lib.strings.intersperse "\n" (lib.flatten [
            (lib.mapAttrsToList source_plugin plugins)

      # needed for fzf-fish to work
      programs.fzf.enableFishIntegration = false;

      home.packages = with pkgs; [


And It works! But I don’t get why isn’t there any option to load all of the plugins automatically. What am I missing? How is it supposed to be done? Maybe the problem with my knowledge of fish and there’s some function called e.g. load_all_plugins which can be simply put into config.fish and it will do it for me?

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