Home-manager profileDirectory

The profileDirectory can be one of three values (although documentation only shows 2)

home.profileDirectory =
      if config.submoduleSupport.enable
        && config.submoduleSupport.externalPackageInstall
      then "/etc/profiles/per-user/${cfg.username}"
      else if config.nix.enable && (config.nix.settings.use-xdg-base-directories or false)
      then "${config.xdg.stateHome}/nix/profile"
      else cfg.homeDirectory + "/.nix-profile";

I can set the one in /etc if I setup home-manager through nixes/nix-darwin and set useUserPackages in the nixes setup.

However if I just use home-manager then I seem only to be able to get ~/.nix-profile

How do I get using just home-manager profileDirectory to be in /etc or if not then in the XDG directory?

I think I have found the issue.

I use Nix-Darwin. This has not had the change that nixos made.