Home-manager python3.11-debugpy testCheckPhase frozen

I’m on ubuntu 22.04 and I’m using home manager to set up my configs. I’m running into an issue where when I try to run switch, python3.11-debugpy-1.8.0 (pytestCheckPhase) freeze at 11% and does not resume after hours of waiting. I think it is coming from the ms-python.python extension in my vscode.nix module. Is there a way to disable the checkPhase for python3.11-debugpy all together?

Edit: I should be on 23.11 for both nixpkgs and home-manager and I’m running 2.18.1 for nix

i suppose with a package override…
i have this for other purpose:

  nixpkgs.config.packageOverrides = pkgs: {
    vaapiIntel = pkgs.vaapiIntel.override { enableHybridCodec = true; };

but take a look at the package definitio in nixpkgs before doing so
or just repackage it yourself with an overlay

but i think there should be a reason for it, i wouldn’t just disable it myself