Home Server Power Settings

I’m trying to figure out the optimal power settings for my home server. Currently the fan is running nonstop without any temperature or load on the CPU.

I set:

systemd.targets = {
  sleep.enable = false;
  suspend.enable = false;
  hibernate.enable = false;
  hybrid-sleep.enable = false;

to keep the server awake.

I also tried powerManagement.enable = false; and powerManagement.powertop.enable = true;. Is this a primarily used in laptops?

Powertop seems happy with my setup as far as I can tell.

My machine is a HP EliteDesk 800 G2 with and i5-6500.

Is this even something I can manage on an OS level or do I need to change something in the BIOS.

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Did you configure powertop or just enable it?

Correct, the powerManagement settings are most useful for laptops or desktops where you want suspend/hibernate. If you care about power usage then powertop can still be useful.

Very few desktop motherboards allow userspace control the fans; most only allow setting the fan speed/curves via the BIOS.

You can try lm-sensors to control fans but TBH it often doesn’t work: Fan speed control - ArchWiki

powerManagement.powertop.enable = true; by default enables auto tuning. I mainly checked that every status says good. This was already the case except for 2 devices which I disconnected anyways.

I tried to use the instructions from ArchWiki, but had a problem where detect-sensors didn’t write out the configuration file and sensors didn’t show any fan. I tried changing the divisor but just got an error.