Homepage-dashboard : how to override HOMEPAGE_CONFIG_DIR

Hi all,

I would use homepage-dashboard, but HOMEPAGE_CONFIG_DIR = “/var/lib/homepage-dashboard” and the package doesn’t have any option.

How can I use a personnal directory ?

Thanks for your help.

I am not a user of Homepage-dashboard, try use the force

systemd.services.homepage-dashboard.environment.HOMEPAGE_CONFIG_DIR = lib.mkForce “/whatever/path/you/want”;


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mkForce does not work here.

Thankfully, the module’s creator came up with a solution which hit the unstable branch a few hours ago. It adds all the configuration options you may need to setup homepage correctly. If you are on nix stable, you may have access to it by the end of may 2024.

For more details, check his blog: https://jnsgr.uk/2024/03/a-homelab-dashboard-for-nixos/