How can I combine kernel patchsets? (ZFS and Zen)

Today I use the:

boot.kernelPackages = config.boot.zfs.package.latestCompatibleLinuxPackages;

trick in order to always run the latest ZFS-compatible kernel on my machine. However, I’d like to try running one of the desktop-optimized patchsets like Zen and am trying to figure out how to combine the latest-compatible ZFS kernel with the Zen patchset.

I’ve read through the nixpkgs kernel sources and sort of understand what’s going on: the zen kernel variants are actually fetching a tree from Github and not, so it’s more complexity than just applying patches, so I think I’d need to find out the version from latestCompatibleLinuxPackages and then maybe fetch that kernel version from the Zen tree?

If anybody has experience doing this sort of thing or tips about how I might achieve it, I’d love some input. I realize that I could just run the Zen kernel and turn on ZFS support to let it build modules against the Zen-dictated kernel version, but it feels unfortunate to lose the ease that just pointing at latestCompatibleLinuxPackages gets me to never have to worry about ZFS compatability.

Some patterns:
How to get compatible (hardened) kernel for ZFS module? - #2 by TLATER (uses hardened instead of Zen)
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