How can I configure necessary/installed only lsp 's in neovim?

Hello everyone, I’m a neovim user and I don’t like to put all my lsp’s in my home/system config and I would prefer putting them in a shell, but if I configure a server without it’s binary in path I get a message every single time,any suggestions how can I fix it?

Here is my config.

I wrap my neovim with some of the LSP servers via home-manager’s programs. neovim.extraPackages.

Otherwise, I setup the LSP server on a per project basis via a .nvimrc

Yes but if I put in my config require("also config")[lua_ls).setup(server_opts) and lua_ls is not installed it will give me a message telling lua_ls is not installed. I wanted it to behave like none-ls which if the program is in path it configures it else it ignores it