How can I get development snapshots of VirtualBox?

It seems 7.0.12 is the latest release, but I wanted to run WSL2 on a Windows 11 VM, so I need a more recent VirtualBox.

Any pointers as to how I may do that?

Maybe it’s just a matter of changing a URL?:wink:

Unless I am missing something, shouldn’t it be enough to enable nested virtualization in the machine settings?

I have “Enable Nested VT-x/AMD-V” enabled in the settings for the VM, if that’s what you mean. Reading this bug, it seems as if WSL2 on Windows 11 requires a more recent version of VirtualBox:

ok, I have confirmed there is some partial support for WSL2 inside a VirtualBox VM, in that thread, so now I need a more recent development snapshot;)

Any pointer as to how I can get a later snapshot?