How can I install additional locales on NixOS WSL?

I’ve installed NixOS on WSL and I get this message:

The nb_NO.UTF-8 is not available

Seems like it only has like three locales installed, while my NixOS on my computer has pretty much all of them.

How can I install pretty much all of them?:wink:

You should be able to add the locales you need to i18n.supportedLocales, just like on bare-metal NixOS

Edit: If you actually want all of them, you can add "all" to that array

Perfect, thanks;)

   i18n = { 
     supportedLocales = [ "en_US.UTF-8" "nb_NO.UTF-8/UTF-8" ];

Here’s actually the default:

[nixos@chimera:~]$ locale -a

ok, it has to be

   i18n = { 
     supportedLocales = [ "en_US.UTF-8/UTF-8" "nb_NO.UTF-8/UTF-8" ];