How can I monitor incoming Bluetooth connection requests?

I’m not sure I understand how bluetooth reconnection is supposed to work.

I have my device listed as trusted:

$ bluetoothctl devices Trusted
Device 00:1E:B5:8F:38:1F Moga Pro 2 HID

Whenever I turn it back on, it doesn’t reconnect and I have to pair it and connect to it, all over again.

bluetoothctl scan on
bluetoothctl pair 00:1E:B5:8F:38:1F
bluetoothctl connect 00:1E:B5:8F:38:1F
bluetoothctl trust 00:1E:B5:8F:38:1F

I have tried with other Bluetooth devices and I can’t get any of them to reconnect, so there must be something I don’t understand here;)

To get some understanding, first of all, how can I view incoming connection requests?

I’ve toyed with wireshark before for this kind of thing; here are some links:

also check config options

Actually, if I watch this

watch bluetoothctl devices Connected

…I do see it suddenly pop up as connected, then just as suddenly, it disappears from that list, so something goes wrong. I need to find a log of this.

I think first I need to figure out how to start bluetoothd with debugging enabled

-d, --debug=<file1>:<file2>:...
    Sets how much information bluetoothd sends to the log destination (usually syslog's "daemon" facility). If the file options are omitted, then debugging information from all the source files are printed. If file options are present, then only debug prints from that source file are printed. The option can be a pattern containing "*" and "?" characters.

    Example: --debug=src/adapter.c:src/agent.c 

yes, seems sane and easier to just get debug output. Another thing I forgot I have set in my .xprofile

bt-agent --capability=NoInputNoOutput &