How can I set config of iptsd?

Im using a surface pro 8. And I want to set prevent accident touch for stylus using.
About iptsd on nixos, I cant find much infos.
only thing I found is services.iptsd.config
But it doesn’t work, it won’t generate a ini conf file.
And I tried another way,
use these to install iptsd:

  services.udev.packages = [
  systemd.packages = [

But I didn’t find a way to set it up, neither.
Anyone can help me?

You are supposed to use the options for iptsd NixOS Search and services.iptsd.config contains a link to the upstream config, to know what options are available.

I think the new version of iptsd is not loading the conf file, I have used them,

  services.iptsd = {
    enable = true;
    config = {
      Touch.DisableOnPalm = true;
      Touch.DisableOnStylus = true;

but there is no change. And I can’t use any iptsd command like iptsd-calbrate, either.