How can I use the gcc-arm-embedded toolchain to build a properly feautured stdenv?

Hi all. I am currently trying to port a large set of libraries meant for bare-metal embedded development to nix. These are also properly built as native libraries and use stdenv.mkDerivation for their declaration.
I would like to create a large cross-compilation overlay that builds everything using the upstream arm gcc prebuilt toolchain that is accessible through the gcc-arm-embedded package.

I actually tried to go through the crossSystem = { config = "arm-none-eabihf"; gcc = { ...}; } path but the end result seems to include various unneeded symbols. We were already using the gcc-arm-embedded toolchain before, so I think it makes more sense going with it instead.

I have found a gist that seems to package another stdenv using the zig toolchain but I am not sure if this is the least-friction way forward.

Is there an easier way to create a cross-compilation nixpkgs instance while using gcc-arm-embedded for its stdenv?