How come r-ryantm is so fast?

So today I encountered this brilliant and satisfying behavior:


I remember it wasn’t so fast like that in the past, and I was wondering, does r-ryantm is opening a socket or something similar that listens to releases to all GitHub packages in Nixpkgs? Or could it be a mere chance?

Thank you @ryantm and all those who help him operate r-ryantm :heart:.


You did get a bit lucky, but a few weeks ago the infra team bumped the checks up to twice a day, and the bot has gotten a lot better at prioritizing packages that have recently been released!


Today OTH, r-ryantm was too intense IMO:

These are just 2 packages, with different variants available in Nixpkgs, and all of them got updated together, creating essentially duplicate PRs. Is there an idea how to avoid this behavior?

Oh I noticed there is an issue open for that, in: