How do I add a vim-scripts plugin to vim?


I manage my nevoid installation including plugins in home-manager (vim fugitive and the like). It overall works very nicely and I don’t need to use a plugin manager at all for vim.

Now I wonder how I can use GitHub - vim-scripts/oberon2: Syntax file for Oberon-2. in that setup.


  • Local checkout of the repo, how can I add it to the vim paths?
  • Adding it to nix? Didn’t see how this is done for vim plugins tbh.

If you think the plugin would be useful to other people, you can do a PR in nixpkgs, an example:

If the plugin is only for you, add it to your configuration. E.g. from my dotfiles:

Notice that src can be also a local directory, that’s up to you

After that, is just another plugin, install it with home-manager like any other plugin:

programs.neovim.plugins = [ visual-star];

There is this PR pending to explain how to maintain your vim overlay

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