How do I build Zulip, a node program?

I’m looking at the Zulip package, which is downloaded as an AppImage, rather than built from source.

I’ve had some problems with the AppImage (clicking links doesn’t open them in my browser), so I was trying to build Zulip directly. It’s built in node, so I tried node2nix , by running node2nix -l package-lock.json .

That worked, so I ran NIXPKGS_ALLOW_INSECURE=1 nix-build -A package (INSECURE because the version of node being installed is marked as insecure). But here, I’m getting a problem with node2nix not understanding the version of the lockfile being used.

How do I get this package built? I’d eventually like to have a version of node that’s secure, but I can start with it being built at all. How can I build it?