How do I disable check in makeDesktopItem?

In my configuration.nix for a live media I want a desktop file but it’s not standard xdg so I have type = "X-XFCE-Helper";:

/nix/store/cy0ry9qs9qla942qg542ayxaafbpqqyn-netsurf-gtk3.desktop/share/applications/netsurf-gtk3.desktop: error: value “X-XFCE-Helper” for key “Type” in group “Desktop Entry” is not a registered type value (“Application”, “Link” and “Directory”)

Although I could use xdg.dataFile I’d rather stick to pkgs.makeDesktopItem but don’t know how I disable the checks.

I don’t know if there’s a cleaner way, but calling .overrideAttrs { checkPhase = ""; } on the result should do it.

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