How do I install XMonad?

I’ve been running XMonad for the last year, but suddenly it doesn’t work anymore.

Then I started looking at the installation instructions

It doesn’t mention

  services.xserver.displayManager.defaultSession = "none+xmonad";

How come? Does the Display Manager somehow pick this up without this setting?

That’s what I do in my config and it works for me (I’m using unstable nixpkgs and latest stateVersion).

it doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve made problems in the past with xmonad where I couldn’t login and I had to switch to a TTY (Ctrl + Alt + F1) and use journalctl to look up the error. I forget the error, but I’ve had to xmonad --recompile. I haven’t had that issue in a while though.

ok, I figured out why it didn’t work.

rm ~/.Xauth*

Now it’s all working fine.

Any idea WTF?:wink: I’ve wasted days here.

Also, it’s still a mystery why “none+xmonad” is not mentioned in the installation instructions.