How do I know what's inside nix-community cachix?

I’m trying to use sops-nix and I can see it’s inside nix-community by 1. building the sops-nix myself so that I know the hash and 2. visit

But the has its search button grayed out, and sops-nix repo shows no hint that the output might be cached in nix-community.

I wonder if there is an easier way to know whether certain package is cached in nix-community or not, without manually using the hash and all.

My guess is that, there is no general approach at all? And sops-nix is inside nix-community is because it is used by some other flakes in nix-community repos?

BTW I’m also curious if I want to have an updated cache of output of some flakes that I use, and if there’s no reliable way to have a public cache for that, is it a good practice to setup a github action to build it and push to my personal cachix for me?


We use sops-nix in GitHub - nix-community/infra: nix-community infrastructure [maintainer=@Mic92] (the ci infrastructure code). This is most likely why sops-nix is also in the nix-community cache. Only owner of a cache can use the search interface. As a user if you know the store path, you can use nix copy on a store path to see if it is in a particular cache.

Thank you for the prompt response! I wasn’t aware nix cli has such capabilities :smile: