How do I remove an appimage bundle from the store?

I have created an appimage bundle for ‘curl’ by
nix bundle --bundler github:ralismark/nix-appimage nixpkgs#curl
this produces a symlink /curl-7.85.0-x86_64.AppImage to the nix store at
location /nix/store/xk2z1z2p3vaqwx1m9n6hcvqzp7cdd5n6-curl-7.85.0-x86_64.AppImage
I then manually copy it out of the store to create a standalone appimage by
cp /nix/store/xk2z1z2p3vaqwx1m9n6hcvqzp7cdd5n6-curl-7.85.0-x86_64.AppImage to … and rename it to curl.AppImage.
I no longer need the curl bundle in the nix store.
How do I remove it?

If you remove that symlink, the storePath will be cleaned up during the next garbage collection.

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Thanks kindly,

It deletes and garbage collects exactly as you described. I tested it but there is a side effect.
Here is what I did:
Deleted nix and installed nix from scratch
Created a firefox appimage with nix bundle --bundler github:ralismark/nix-appimage nixpkgs#firefox

this created a symbolic link /opt/nixappimage/firefox-106.0.3-x86_64.AppImage

the symbolic link contained a pointer to the nix store

removed the link in the nix store with rm /nix/store/path…
garbage collected the store , space was reclaimed

Now I wanted to create the firefox appimage again:
deleted the symbolic link /opt/nixappimage/firefox-106.0.3-x86_64.AppImage

reran nix bundle --bundler github:ralismark/nix-appimage nixpkgs#firefox

this failed immediately, it failed silently after created the symbolic link again /opt/nixappimage/firefox-106.0.3-x86_64.AppImage

BUT the link still points to the deleted firefox entry in the store.

It looks like it did not try to compile firefox at all ?
I can no longer create a firefox appimage.



Not sure if this portion is accurate:

removed the link in the nix store with rm /nix/store/path…

Do you mean you directly removed this from the store? This usually requires additional permisssion. Direct modification of store contents is going to lead to bad results (ie: imagine directly modifying .git contents by hand). I expected this to say you removed the symlink to the store path, and then ran gc.

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Thanks again.

Yes, just remove the symlink and then garbage collect. Much easier.
Second run works this time.

copied the firefox AppImage over to Manjaro and it just works. .
Seems to have no need for any external dynamic modules including glibc.
Pretty impressive.

One oddity when I launch the appimge:

/opt/nixappimage/firefox.AppImage gives:

/opt/nixappimage/firefox.AppImage: stat /konsole: No such file or directory

then continues ok.
I ran the appimage creation process in Kde Konsole.

Happens with all created appimages. But they all run.

Thanks again for your help. Appreciated.

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