How do I select partition to install nixos on?

I’m trying to install nixos on the third partition of the third physical drive, how do I do that?

You would need to create a partition on that third drive. Mount the partion to something like /mnt, ‘nixos-generate-config --root /mnt’, and nixos-install. See: Btrfs - NixOS Wiki. Remember you can chroot into the install to set the user password with ‘nixos-enter’ after nixos-install. You should be able to do this from the graphical installer too just by selecting to auto partition that third drive, but I prefer the terminal for custom installs.

I already have the partition made in windows, what do i do now?

I wouldn’t make the partition in Windows lol. What filesystem? Does the graphical install not let you select the drive you want to use?

I don’t know about any graphical install, after clicking on the install button, all I have is the console. Oh and the partition is ntfs.

Which iso are you using? What desktop environment are you going for? I’m not sure that ntfs is compatible because it doesn’t support file permissions which Linux needs. I would probably use the Calamares graphical installer from the Gnome or KDE live iso and choose ext4, the default, as the filesystem. It shouldn’t be too big of a deal to reformat the thing assuming you don’t have files on it already.

I’m using the default, even double checked, but now the desktop booted up after restarting.

The desktop environment? Or your main OS? If you have the NixOS desktop loaded you should be able to select that drive and auto-partiton it during the graphical install. Just make sure you are selecting the one you want because it will wipe the data on the thing. Are you dual booting?

Yeah, I’m dualbooting it with two windowses 11.

I’m no expert at that but the wiki has: Dual Booting NixOS and Windows - NixOS Wiki. It looks like it “may” work by default if using EFI?

In efi system partition should i use /dev/nvme0n1p1 (a partition that exist and from which I boot up windows) or /dev/sdc (I only have 3 drives, one nvme)

“Based on the guide, I’m assuming we can use the existing EFI partition that came with Windows and not mess with that (i.e. not format it).”. That makes it sound like nvme0n1p1, but don’t format it. I have no personal experience with this so you may want a second opinion.

Second option is usb i was booting off, is there a way to add a 3rd option?

I’m assuming it adds a new EFI boot entry to what is already there. What do you see when you run ‘sudo efibootmgr’?

I’ll first try the option you linked and it looks like I have to add another fat32 hidden boot partition to the os for my method.