How do I stop kodi when it's the Desktop Manager?

I’m trying kodi as described in the Wiki

, but how can I stop it?

If I kill it, it relaunches the Display Manager and auto-logins, then starts it again;)

Use any display manager other than autoLogin. The behaviour you’re describing is its explicit purpose; automatically log into the default DE on boot.

If you want to be able to choose which desktop you want, you must select a display manager that offers selection.

What are you trying to achieve here?

When I edit the configuration files of kodi, they are overwritten when kodi exits, so I have to be able to stop kodi from running, to be able to edit its configuration files;)

So, this basically means that following the setup in the wiki renders the entire system useless, for anything other than Kodi.

This doesn’t seem a wise thing to do. To be able to do anything with the system, I either have to remove this setting in configuration.nix or log in from the tty.

I feel that I should be able to use the system, even if default is logging into kodi.

An alternative is to start another Xorg server on another tty, but I think this is overkill.

So, basically, I’m not content with the current setting and I want a way to log in as another user to another Window Manager, while still keeping it default to kodi auto login

Yes, that’s the point of such a setup. I believe it’s intended for people who want to use Kodi as a media center.

Also note that the Wiki is just that, a wiki. We have the NixOS manual for good guides on setting things up without as many assumptions or opinions.

You could make use of a specialisation here.

You’re going to need to find a display manager which allows for that. I’m not aware of any but I’m not very deep into display managers.

Not really a NixOS problem.

If you’re using this computer for regular desktop things aswell, have you thought about just running Kodi inside your regular desktop environment as an app?

This specific computer I’m setting up is a Pi with kodi, attached to the TV in my son’s room. I imagine I want to have multiple purposes for it, like firing up some game when I’m actually present in the room with my son, but that its main purpose is firing up kodi when it boots.

I guess I have to solve it using two Xorg servers, then, as I’m getting nowhere here;)

I’ll start another thread on that. Thanks;)

This seems like a poor solution since you don’t actually need both kodi and the other thing running at the same time.

As I mentioned, this is an issue of the display/login manager. You need something more complex than our dead-simple autologin pseudo-display-manager that also allows auto-login.

Right, but the problem is that a scriptable Display Manager doesn’t exist, at least not that I could find, so until I find that, I’ll run two Xorg servers. This has other benefits, as well, like getting to test XMonad configurations;) Learning how to run two display servers, like Xorg and Wayland, let me test Waymonad, as well;)