How to access forgejo-cli?

Hey, I’ve installed forgejo on my NixOS server, but I’m not sure how to access the command line interface for managing the forgejo instance:

The command line program is not present:

# sudo -H -u forgejo bash -c "forgejo --help"
bash: line 1: forgejo: command not found

Adding forgejo to environment.systemPackages didn’t seem to help.

Hm, maybe the forgejo module should add a script to make accessing the CLI easier:

{ config, pkgs, ...}: {
  environment.systemPackages = let
    cfg =;
    forgejo-cli = pkgs.writeScriptBin "forgejo-cli" ''
      cd ${cfg.stateDir}
      if [[ "$USER" != forgejo ]]; then
        sudo='exec /run/wrappers/bin/sudo -u ${cfg.user} -g ${} --preserve-env=GITEA_WORK_DIR --preserve-env=GITEA_CUSTOM'
      # Note that these variable names will change
      export GITEA_WORK_DIR=${cfg.stateDir}
      export GITEA_CUSTOM=${cfg.customDir}
      $sudo ${lib.getExe cfg.package} "$@"
  '' in [

Then just run forgejo-cli as any user with wheel permissions and you’re correctly running the forgejo binary as the forgejo user/group.

That said, I’ve personally not actually needed to run the CLI manually in a good number of years of using gitea/forgejo.


Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for :blush:

It’s true that the cli doesn’t need to be used often, but it’s nice to be able to use it in case of some issues, just another tool in the toolbox