How to add an option to a nixpkgs module via override/overlay?

I submitted a PR that adds an option to include the OVS package when enabled so LXD can use it. I’m trying to figure out how to override/overlay the LXD module in nixpkgs while I’m waiting for the PR to be merged and don’t have any idea how to begin. I have been unsuccessful in searching for a page that points me in the right direction. (Or if I accidentally found it already, I don’t recognize or nor understand it.) Suggestions?

The nixos manual explains it here: NixOS 22.05 manual

Though you probably already have a local checkout of your nixpkgs branch. I would just use that for the time being instead of a remote nixpkgs. Especially easy if you use flakes, but you can also temporarily override your nix source in a traditional nix config by replacing it in the nix path with -I nixpkgs=/home/me/my-nixpkgs. Unless you have very specific requirements, this is significantly easier.