How to add conntrack helper to firewall?

I am trying to package Rygel UPnP server. Unfortunately, UPnP uses dynamic port for data channel. I tried adding a SSDP helper as suggested in the bug:

  networking.firewall.allowedUDPPorts = [ 1900 ];
  networking.firewall.extraPackages = [ pkgs.conntrack_tools ];
  networking.firewall.autoLoadConntrackHelpers = true;
  networking.firewall.extraCommands = ''
    nfct add helper ssdp inet udp
    iptables --verbose -I OUTPUT -t raw -p udp --dport 1900 -j CT --helper ssdp

and following conntrack-tools manual but it is failing since nfct does not like it:

$ sudo nfct add helper ssdp inet udp
nfct v1.4.5: netlink error: Invalid argument

The command seems to work on Ubuntu according this comment.

How do I add the helper to the firewall on NixOS?

the command might fail because of a kernel config/version mismatch. You can see the netlink messages in wireshark