How to add custom patched QEMU into /run/libvirt/nix-emulators?

I wish to have an unpatched version of the QEMU (which allows me to use VirtIO for better performance) and a patched version of QEMU to co-exist simultaneously in my environment. The attempt went pretty fr and successful in terms of making multiple versions of QEMU exist, but I cannot make libvirt recognize them.

  # special anti-detection emulator
  qemu-anti-detection =
      hostCpuOnly = true;
    }).overrideAttrs (finalAttrs:
      previousAttrs: {
        # ref:
        patches = (previousAttrs.patches or [ ]) ++ [
          (pkgs.fetchpatch {
            url =
            sha256 = "sha256-N+3YRvOwIu+k1d0IYxwV6zWmfJT9jle38ywOWTbgX8Y=";
        postFixup =  (previousAttrs.postFixup or "") +  "\n" + ''
          for i in $(find $out/bin -type f -executable); do
            mv $i "$i-anti-detection"
        version = "8.1.2";
        pname = "qemu-anti-detection";
in {
  # ref:
  virtualisation.libvirtd = {
    allowedBridges = [ "nm-bridge" "virbr0" ];
    enable = true;
    qemu = {
      runAsRoot = false;
      package = pkgs.qemu_kvm;
    package = pkgs.yubo.libvirt.override {
      extraEmulators = [
  programs.virt-manager.enable = true;

  environment.systemPackages =
    [ qemu-anti-detection ];

The result of the above code snippet is that qemu-system-x86_64-anti-detection is added to the PATH. However, it seems that I need to add it to /run/libvirt/nix-emulators somehow so that libvirt can also use this as an emulator. Currently, every time I attempt to set the emulator directly to libvirt, the following error occurs

error: internal error: Failed to start QEMU binary /run/current-system/sw/bin/qemu-system-x86_64-anti-detection for probing: 

I have tried to add custom packages to libvirt package’s binPath, but to no avail, that doesn’t work, nor would Nix allow me to ln those executable directly to the /run directory while building qemu.