How to add runtime Python package for albert in mkDerivation?


tldr: Albert’s plugin requires 2 Python dependencies: pint, inflect. I don’t know how to add them

I wanted to enable Unit Converter (Python) plugin in Albert. However, it cannot be run as it requires additional Python dependencies (pint, inflect):


I thought that I can probably add them by using overrideAttrs by adding them to buildInputs like this:

{ config, lib, pkgs, ... }: 
  customAlbert = pkgs.albert.overrideAttrs
    (old: {
      buildInputs = old.buildInputs ++ (with pkgs.python3Packages; [ 
  home.packages = [ 
    # more packages

However, after running home-manager switch, and then starting Albert (as a new process), it still shows me an information that the packages are missing.

So I guess the packages aren’t available to the plugins.

I looked into Albert’s nixpkgs derivation in repo here, and Albert’s own repo here. And it seems that plugins are installed, because they are included as submodule (they are available in a separate repo).

So I’m not sure how should I approach that