How to bind key for copy and paste?

I am struggling to set up a new key for copy and paste, as Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-V is too difficult for me. Instead of using Ctrl-Shift, I would like to use Command key on my MacBook instead.

I have looked up this gist, but I cannot found any option that would bind command key(I guess it should be the win key) to control and shift. How can I map my key to Ctrl-Shift in xkb? Or is it possible for me to map the command key directly to the copying and pasting command?

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In a certain sense i would treat it as off-topic.

On the other hand, it is about using the system, so well…

First, I am supposing you are using something like a X11 window manager. It makes the things a bit easier because in X11 the keyboard is configured in the server files but can be overriden at runtime.

I am not a Mac user, therefore I can’t help so much. My first bet would be using xev, a tool that reads X11 events like mouse movements and keypresses.

For xev do you mean remapping the key with actkbd or something similar? It seems like xev is only used for checking scan codes?

xev only reads the “scancodes”, it does not remap keys. To remap, you can try setxkbmap. Arch Wiki has a tutorial on it:

You have many options. If I were you I’d use kmonad:

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