How to config adw-gtk3 theme declaratively using nix or home manager

I’m currently trying to set a GTK theme using the adw-gtk3 package, but I’m unsure how to configure the colors within the package to suit my preferences. I’m looking for a declarative way to do this, ideally using Nix settings or Home Manager. The only solution I can think of, which I’d prefer to avoid, is to use xdg.configFile and create a configuration file manually. I’m interested in knowing if there are any better options available for declaratively configuring the colors in the adw-gtk3 package using Nix or Home Manager. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Home Manager:

{ pkgs, ... }: {
  gtk = {
    enable = true;
    theme = {
      name = "adw-gtk3";
      package = pkgs.adw-gtk3;
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I know how to install the package. I want to know how to configure the gtk colors for adw-gtk3. Are there any settings for that instead of creating a gtk.css file through xdg.configFile.