How to configure appimage-run for GUI use?

I’ve installed appimage-run, but it doesn’t seem to be bound to .AppImage files in Nautilus, and it doesn’t seem to be in the “Open With” dialogue. How can I configure it as the default application to open .AppImage files, so that I don’t have to always run them on the command line? Basically, how do I get it to work like WINE does for .exe files?

I don’t think I can use xdg.mime.defaultApplications, at least not directly, because there’s no appimage-run.desktop file (and IMO it doesn’t make sense to create one, because appimage-run is not a desktop application).

There’s a giant thread upstream, but a quick scan doesn’t reveal any obvious solutions.

Well what would be wrong with a .desktop explicitely mentionning it’s not a desktop app? It’s what was proposed here Personnally I’d just create a Nix desktop file using makeDesktopItem following the above structure and use xdg.mime.defaultApplication as you propose

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