How to configure Sayonara in NixOS

Currently, I can’t save any playlists, libraries, or preferences in Sayonara. I’m guessing this is because it’s trying to save everything in “/home/user/.nix-profile/share/sayonara/player.db” but doesn’t have permissions to do so. Has anyone had success with configuring Sayonara to save its configuration somewhere in $HOME instead?

You need at least 1.6.0-beta6 which was only merged in Oct: sayonara: 1.5.1-stable5 -> 1.6.0-beta6 by peterhoeg · Pull Request #100969 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub

That PR addresses this exact problem.

Thanks Peter, I’ll make sure to search nixpkgs issues/PRs in the future. I added the unstable channel to my user (without sudo, so my system packages are still on stable) and updated Sayonara. Working as expected now. Thank you!