How to configure WiFi (or zone) dependent firewall rules?

I am moving from Fedora on my workstation. But I do not know how to configure firewall rules per WiFi hotspot.

For example, in firewalld I can open ports on my home WiFi zone but on public WiFi it will use public zone which restricts SSH, Samba etc.

I currently have following settings in NixOS

  networking.nftables.enable = true;
  networking.firewall = {
    enable = true;
    interfaces."enp1s0" = {
      allowedTCPPorts = [
      allowedUDPPorts = [

But it is applied to the interface rather than a zone. So even if I connect to a public WiFi, it will allow these ports. How do I restrict this?

Any help would be appreciated.

While not quite what you’re asking, you can achieve the same thing using specialisation.

example configuration.

# configuration.nix
{ ... }: {
    imports = [
        # given below

    specialisation.publiczone = {
        inheritParentConfig = true;
        configuration = { ... }: {
            # ...
            # firewall rules for publiczone
            # ...
            # you can include anything (except specialisation) that you'd put in configuration.nix
            # even imports
            # imports = [ ./publiczoneFirewall.nix ];
# privatezone.nix
({ config, lib, ... }: {
    config = lib.mkIf (config.specialisation != {}) {
        # ...
        # firewall rules for privatezone
        # ...
        # you cannot use imports here, but other options should be fine

To use specialisation publiczone,
run nixos-rebuild switch --specialisation publiczone or /run/current-system/specialisation/publiczone/bin/switch-to-configuration switch

AFAIK you can’t switch to non-specialisation without rebooting/rebuilding though.

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Firewalld is packaged although there doesn’t seem to be a service module for it. I miss that feature too.

I just found this module. nixos-nftables-firewall — nixos-nftables-firewall documentation

It mentions zones… I’m not sure if Networkmanager can tie into it though since AFAIK networkmanager uses dbus with firewalld.

Thanks for the solutions. @eity Specialization is something I didn’t know about. But looks like it still requires me to manually switch to a different configuration when I’m on public WiFi. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

@p4p4j0hn nixos-nftables-firewall seems to be a good option to achieve what I want. Let me dig into that.

@bitestring networking.networkmanager.dispatcherScripts might be another option. According to NetworkManager-dispatcher: NetworkManager Reference Manual you can run some scripts. Variables like CONNECTION_ID are available so we could probably run some nft or iptables commands to open and close ports based on which networks we are connected to.