How to contribute / send bugreport WITHOUT GitHub account?

Hello all,
as from subject a small question: I found two minor bug in
nilfs-utils and at job scheduler derivations, more in details
nilfs is built without forcing libmount support (1), making
nilfs not much usable since we can’t mount or unmount or clean
properly a nix volume without libmount on NixOS (/etc/mtab must
be writable without libmount and on NixOS it’s managed by the
kernel so not writable); the proper “workaround” for the record
is something like

packageOverrides = pkgs: rec {
         nilfs-utils = pkgs.nilfs-utils.overrideDerivation (attrs: {
            configureFlags = [ "--with-libmount" ]; });

the at bug is that no atd user is created, nor /var/spool/atjobs dir
so at fails to run because atd fails to be started.

The question is how I can properly signal those or other bugs
without a GitHub account (I know I can make one at any time, but
I dislike to be on such platforms).

Thanks and sorry for my English.

(1) nilfs is a really slow-evolution project despite it many good
and interesting aspects so “new stuff” like libmount change veeeeery

– Ingmar

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It was previously stated[citation needed] that patches can be mailed to the mailing list. I would assume git format-patch to be a good format. I would look at Chapter 14. Submitting changes for the requirements with regards to the commit, and substitute anything about github with sending an e-mail to the mailing list.

Additionally, I don’t think anyone would have issues with patches being sent using the discord instance either.

@zimbatm Since you are proposing getting rid of the mailing list, what do you think about people using the Discourse email option to submit patches?

Ok, thanks!
I made a first patch just as a test but I can’t upload to Discourse,
nor via mail interface (my ideal interaction method) nor via web
interface. Only some image formats are accepted.

BTW here is the patch just to be sure it’s ok in terms of format

Is the Google groups ml still in use? I understand it’s replaced by
Discourse since a month or so.


– Ingmar

What happened when you tried to use the email interface? I don’t see any recent email logs in Discourse for you. Can you take a look at How do I use Discourse via email? - FAQs - Mozilla Discourse to see if you are using the email correctly?

Are you using git format-patch and git send-email to do it?


Some people are still using it, but the traffic has gone down a lot since Discourse was set up.

Great idea. I created a new category for incoming patches.

@xte do you mind following the instructions at About the Patches category and report back if there are any issues?

I applied your patch to master and 18.03.

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sorry for the delay, I was really busy this we and week…

I read your post, the next patch will be send as per your’s
instructions :slight_smile:

– Ingmar


I applied your patch to master and 18.03.

Next time I’ll follow @zimbatm instruction about posting patches.

– Ingmar


What happened when you tried to use the email interface?
I do not tried to send any attachments since I read that only few
images format are supported…

As I read from this thread this is not true…

Sorry, I’m new to NixOS, this is my very first super-little
contribution test :slight_smile:

– Ingmar

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