How to contribute to documentation

This document has moved here: How to contribute to documentation in the Nix ecosystem


It would be really helpful to have a single team (or person) to mention in documentation PRs, as there do not seem to be explicit ‘maintainers’ mentioned in the manual’s sections, like packages or nixos modules have. Could that be an option?

Agree. But pinging the documentation team right now will just worsen the problem. There is too much going on for us to handle. What we need first are dedicated maintainers, at least one for each manual. We’re working on that.

Dealing with every small (and especially large) pull request is simply a distraction if it’s not one’s main job - that is surely frustrating for contributors who don’t get their changes reviewed, but otherwise none of the bigger problems, which require sustained concentration and effort, can be worked on.

At the moment we, as a documentation team, can only focus on very narrowly scoped tasks, and finding ones with a good effort-payoff-ratio is already challenging.

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I found places where the manual was obviously wrong (out-dated) and just remove that part of the manual, as it is at least an improvement. It seemed like a narrow scope to pick parts of the manual that are just broken. But I just don’t know whether that is a scope you’re referring to.

Can I help in some other way?

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We discussed this in more detail in private, but for posterity: yes, please fix things that are obviously broken - ideally in small increments that can be reviewed and merged at a glance.

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