How to create an unattended CD installer?


What is the correct way of creating an unattended CD installer, similar to the result of using preseeid.cfg in Debian? It should do some auto-partitioning & formatting, then execute nixos-install (how?), add the default user, enable ssh etc. Is there any how-to besides Building Your Own NixOS CD (which is not very helpful as I don’t need ssh and friends in the installer, but rather in the installed system instead)?

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Have a look at GitHub - nix-community/nixos-generators: Collection of image builders [maintainer=@Lassulus]

Quoting leshik via NixOS Discourse (2019-10-20 12:53:48)

Check this out not sure if this works though, it claims to do what you want

This just generates the installed system in different formats, but not the installer itself?