How to deal with customized callPackage in that new by-name era?

As I have pointed out in a quick comment on the @Infinisil PR about some quirks of the new by-name hierarchy, I have a question:

  • How should we deal with libsForQt5.callPackage and friends?

    Currently I am getting rid of it, by putting libsForQt5 as an explicit dependency of the package.

  • How should we deal with darwin.apple_sdk_XYZ.callPackage and friends?

It looks way harder to me since I don’t deal with Apple quirks.

  1. You are right, just place libsForQt5 and qt6 in arguments. (The documentation has changed, see
  2. Like 1, use directly.

Like 1, use directly.

This is a bit useless, since some softwares like, say, tinycc, have no explicit dependencies on Apple-isms.

Thank you for nothing. I will search a little more.