How to deal with swap failed on nixos gui installer?


I’m trying to install NixOS using GUI iso.

However, when nix prepares a disk and mount it, it fails on mounting swap.

I’ve tried different images with different hashes, but It doesn’t work at all. :cry:

Here is the list of images that I’ve tried.

  • nixos-plasma6-24.05.1503.752c634c09ce-x86_64-linux
  • nixos-plasma6-24.05.1695.dd457de7e08c-x86_64-linux

It should’ve solved permanently in the future release (because it’s critical!), but what is the temporary way to fix this?


I ran into this a couple weeks ago. I ended up giving up and doing a full manual install from the cli

There is an open PR already to fix this issue.

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I skipped creating a swap partition and used a swap file later instead. (I was in a rush).