How to debug [file] of [flake] escaped from [store] error?

I am struggling with the mentioned error regarding flakes. My nix configuration is formatted as a flake project and stored in a git repository (very typical, I would say).

Installing a package into a profile does work if I use flake references like .#package or git+ssh://myserver/repo#package.

In contrast, if I use path:/home/me/repo#package - I see

$ nix profile install  'path:/home/grwlf/proj/nixcfg#env-pureblade-grwlf'
error: 'flake.nix' file of flake 'path:/home/grwlf/proj/nixcfg?lastModified=1648124942&narHash=sha256-Ng/AwwzN2yFcnzf8J4clwuJzc2HS2ADnlCTdzP3Twic%3D' escapes from '/nix/store/cnv56rjfhqp6ch9qafgkyac93759jrxp-source'

But what does it mean? (I have double checked: flake.nix does exist in git). And most importantly, how can I know more details about this situation?

I would like to add my flake to the local flake registry, so I really need to use the path:... style there.

Answering to the part of my question because I have found the problem.
So, the /home/grwlf/proj/nixcfg path from my example was actually a symlink to the /home/nixcfg folder, where the project is actually located. So, Nix copied to store only this symlink for some reason. The link pointed to the location outside the store, thus the error. Specifying the direct location worked around this problem.

nix profile install  'path:/home/nixcfg#env-pureblade-grwlf'