How to delete EFI variables

Hi everyone,

I have an issue where a stale EFI entry HibernateLocation-8cf2644b-4b0b-428f-9387-6d876050dc67 is causing issues with the boot. It refers to the UUID of an old drive b3bbf535-f6ea-4a46-bd46-813a542993af before I did a fresh nixos install. This leads to stalling of the boot process by 2 mins everytime.


How do I safely remove this entry from the efivars? I have a LUKS+Btrfs setup with secure boot enabled through lanzeboote.

I didn’t get any help with this topic on the discord group, so I decided to use chattr -i on HibernateLocation-8cf2644b-4b0b-428f-9387-6d876050dc67 and delete it with rm. Seems to work fine for now.