How to develop perl6 on nixos?

rakudo (the perl6 compiler) is in nixpkgs, however, I seem unable to find any modules for perl6.

I tried looking into replacing the compiler on perl.withPackages, but perl5 and perl6 packages are not compatible across versions.

Any ideas?

There are only a dozen people which do something with perl5-modules.nix
It might be so that you are the only perl6 user over there.
So perl6-modules.nix is to be made from scratch.

I’ve created some derivations for the 2019.07.1 versions of rakudo, nqp, moarvm and zef, and was looking to do a PR on nixpkgs for those if there is any interest?

There are some reproucibility issues still - and need to wrap my head around how to do rakudo.withPackages.